Andrew Kiss Fine Art


      Born in Hungary in 1946, Andrew and his family immigrated to Canada in 1957.

      Involvement with conservation organizations and donating work to many such as children’s causes have made Andrew a highly-recognized name worldwide.

      Andrew considers himself extremely fortunate to be able to thrive in the constantly changing art world. To be able to evoke one's memory of a hike, family camping trip or a special place visited is the vision that Andrew has with his work. He hopes each painting is a window to our precious world and a reminder that we should never take it for granted.  The opportunity that he has been given to make a living and pass along the message of conservation at the same time is what drives him to the next canvas.

      Numerous one man shows and group exhibits have allowed Andrew to travel to Hong Kong, Switzerland, Germany, England, Austria, New Zealand, as well as throughout the US and Canada.  His work can be found in numerous corporate and private collections around the world.

      He has become one of Canada's most recognized nature artists for a style that captures both breathless images and a reverence for realism.


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      39 products