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      In 2013, Alberta born wildlife photographers, Stan and Keltie Masters started Back to Nature Photography as a means of being able to share the unique beauty of nature through their lenses. As their passion grew, so did their desire to learn more about the need to preserve the delicate balance between mankind and nature. In doing so, they wanted to help preserve the amazing wildlife and their environment that enhances our lives daily.  

      When Stan and Keltie started their business, they made it their mission to “give back to nature” by supporting wildlife rehabilitation programs through various means. Whether it’s participating in owlet and fawn fostering programs, guest speaking at events, or supporting these programs through their photography proceeds, Stan and Keltie are passionate about making a difference. 

      Back to Nature Photography believes every effort makes a difference, and therefore they invite you to join them in knowing your purchases are part of that difference.


      49 products

      49 products