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      I began painting begrudgingly. I participated only as an experiment in self care- a form of art therapy with my Counselor. At the time I was slugging my way through severe post partum depression after the birth of my third child and I was willing to try anything that would help my brain heal.

      I’ve never thought of myself as an artist, and NEVER imagined I would be painting as a full time career. But, as I began painting I discovered that it was the only time my brain would rest- the whole world disappeared and all I thought of was Color. It was MAGICAL. Ever since then, I have held on to painting as a lifeline and sanity outlet.

      With three young kids at home- and especially during the pandemic...I’ve been so grateful to have art. Any chance I get I am in my studio busy creating. It’s been such a gift to me, and I’ve come to understand it’s not just for me either- but to share that gift with the world.


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