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      Salmon has always been central to Syilx culture one of the main foods of our People. Colonization, especially the construction of hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River, meant the loss of our fisheries, and pushed our sockeye to the brink of extinction.

      kł cp’elk’ stim’ is a dedicated initiative to re-establish a sustainable population of Okanagan Nation Sockeye Salmon. The ONA is committed to bringing our salmon back by creating partnerships and by integrating modern science with traditional practices.

      Today, the years of hard work and dedication are paying off. For the first time in over 75 years, we have seen sockeye runs in the hundreds of thousands. Our goal for the future is to protect, enhance, conserve and continue to restore our salmon stocks so that we can have salmon for tomorrow.

      Only two populations of Sockeye remain in the Columbia River, and Okanagan Sockeye is one of them. Bringing our salmon back from the brink of extinction required six complementary initiatives. The combined impact of these projects has been remarkable.

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      10 products