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pebble • brown
pebble • brown
pebble • brown

pebble • brown

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From farm to formal, and everything in between


Carefully crafted using genuine Italian leather, Tectonic Belts makes an exceptional finishing piece to a classic ensemble.


Stitched between two pieces of 100% Italian leather rests a neodymium magnet core providing the user with pain relief while also promoting increased circulation.


The Pebble Brown Belt comes detailed with a classic and timeless chrome buckle and is an essential piece for those looking to make the most of their health, wellness, and style. 


Belt Sizing:

To ensure a proper fit, we recommend taking your favourite pair of jeans and adding 4-5 inches to the size.



Leather: 100% Italian Cowhide 

Lining: Fine Ooze Leather (Calfskin)

Buckle: Chrome / Steel

Core: Tectonic® Neodynium Magnet

Not recommended for those with pacemakers or ICD devices.