Rae's Closet


      Pinch me as this all must be a dream. I absolutely LOVE everything about this little company and I am eternally thankful for this opportunity. I honestly still do a little dance and thank God for every sale and every new opportunity that comes my way.

      A lot of people ask me how this all started, so here it is:

      I started Rae's Closet after my daughter Rae was about a year old. It's funny that before I had her I didn't particularly like girls clothes, I had my son, London, first and everything I decorated with was green, blue and grey. Well what a difference having a little girl makes! I now dream in tulle and spend my days drawing out miniature versions of dresses I would want to wear. My background is in fashion. I spent 10 years traveling and working in fashion in Tokyo, Milan, New York, Seoul and Shanghai. I then settled back down in Canada and started to work in marketing until I had my 3 babies (London (5), Rae (2) and Branson(11m). Now the fashion world has called me back home, and I couldn't be happier. 

      I am inspired by the moms, brides and the little girls that I am lucky enough to meet. After seeing my designs and different dresses on hundreds of girls, I can really see what works and what doesn't. All of my ideas actual come from my customers and every change I make to a dress is because of their wonderful suggestions. I honestly just love it. 


      16 products

      16 products