The Fibre Ark


      Our Fibre Journey began when we purchased our first Shetland Sheep Lettie, Kezzie, and an older ewe (Hessie) who was due to have a lamb the following year. To our delight Tilly was born in April - a chocolate brown ewe lamb with a beautifully soft fleece.

      Growing up I'd always loved the thought of Shetland ponies, so when I heard of Shetland sheep I was naturally drawn to them! They have wonderful, spunky personalities, a resilient outlook, and gorgeous fleeces. Shetland wool comes in a rainbow of natural colours, it's fine enough to make some of the most intricate lace shawls, and strong enough to hold it's shape when felted without the need for a metal armature.

      Creating a wool business developed as my mom and I realized how much we loved raising sheep.  As part of the local fibre arts guild I was introduced to lots of exciting fibre mediums and was able to take part in all kinds of workshops from knitting & weaving, to felting & wool dyeing. I appreciate craft - there's nothing quite like making something unique and enjoying the process.

      Our kits help you learn the fundamentals of needle felting, with results you can be proud of! 


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