We live in Calgary, Canada and love the outdoors. With the Rocky Mountains at our doorstep and in the spirit of the environmental sustainability of this city, we started YYCMOOD as a local brand to provide sustainable and fashionable products to Canadians and consumers in general.

      What's our Mission? Dump less plastic into oceans, rivers and the environment.

      We deliver high-end products that combine eco friendly characteristics with an emphasis on quality at affordable prices. The wood used by our frames comes from reclaimed wood meaning it's re-used instead of being thrown away. This is what sets us apart.

      What do we sell?   Wooden sunglasses! Our sunglasses are made of high quality materials and are manually assembled for optimal quality assurance. They all have polarized lenses which helps reduce glare and improve contrast while making images appear sharper. They also have UV400 protection which blocks 100% of the sun’s harmful radiations.

      YYCMOOD sunglasses are made from naturally sourced and treated woods such as Bamboo, Ebony, Zebra, Olive, Rosewood, among others.


      42 products

      42 products