4 Pack Seafood w Pickerel / Salmon

4 Pack Seafood w Pickerel / Salmon

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Product Available in Calgary & Area Only.

MIXED BOX CONSISTS OF 12 MEALS: Average of $10/meal

Digby Nova Scotia LARGE Bay Scallops 1lb. (254g) 3-5 Scallops per meal

Jumbo Bubba LARGE Selva Shrimp 1lb. (254) 3-5 Shrimp per meal

Manitoba Fresh Water Pickerel 2- 6oz. (170g) portions

West Coast WILD Sockeye Salmon 2- 6oz. (170g) portions 

All flash-frozen at the source.....FRESHER then "fresh"

store-bought seafood is not always as "fresh" as they claim, because we live in a landlocked Province.

The freezing chain is not broken right into your freezer! guaranteed 6 months/Vac Packed & Portion Controlled.

Great variety to have available for your next special meal!

FYI EACH product experienced in this variety box can be purchased on its own!

Upon receiving your order, you will be contacted by one of our Dor-Bel staff to arrange your delivery. Product Available in Calgary & Area Only!