6/5-Salmon/Halibut 11-6oz Pcs

6/5-Salmon/Halibut 11-6oz Pcs

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WILD WEST COAST VARIETY FISH BOX INCLUDES: 11 Portions an average of $12/meal 

(this healthy fish is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids)

WILD Sockeye Salmon (6)-6oz. (170g) portions

WILD Halibut (5)-6oz. (170g) portions

 OUR Wild West Coast Fish is all sustainably caught and fresher then "fresh". FYI ...store bought seafood is not always as "fresh" as they claim it to be because we live in a landlocked Province.

Our fish is flash frozen at the source, portion controlled and vacuum sealed, with a full taste bud guarantee..."If you do not become a raving customer after trying our products we will gladly replace or exchange  for something of equal value and not charge you for what you have eaten"

GO AHEAD...... MAKE YOUR DAY!!!!!!!!!!