Alpaca Duvet
Alpaca Duvet
Alpaca Duvet

Alpaca Duvet

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Handmade in Canada
  •     All natural alpaca duvet
  •     Our Alpaca Duvets have a Alpaca /Wool Blend 100% Cotton Down Proof Ticking
  •     Our  Duvets are Hypoallergenic
  •     Alpaca Duvets are naturally Fire and Dust Mite Resistant. No chemicals added!
  •     Alpaca fibre is Light weight but seven times warmer than wool
  •     Hand wash or machine wash alpaca duvet on delicate cycle. Do not Spin. Hang the duvet to dry
  •     Made in Canada. Our farm is located in Sturgeon County, Alberta.

  •     King size xx x xx inches
  •     Queen size 90×90 inches
  •     Double size 80×90 inches
  •     Single size 65×90 inches
  •     Crib size 40×45 inches
  •     Stroller/Car seat size 24x32 inches

  •     King approx $338 USD
  •     Queen approx $300 USD
  •     Double approx $285 USD
  •     Single approx $180 USD
  •     Crib approx $97 USD
  •     Stroller/Car Seat approx $90 USD