K9 Power Immune Dog
K9 Power Immune Dog

K9 Power Immune Dog

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The world is full of bacteria, allergens and other pathogens that can be harmful for your dog’s health. The best protection from these factors is a balanced diet of key vitamins and nutrients. Immune Dog,™  is designed to support your dog's own immune system in two powerful ways, Antioxidants and Probiotics. These nutrients help to provide powerful “shields” to support your dog’s immune system.

Dogs are Under Attack!  Shorter life spans, serious skin problems and formerly rare diseases grow increasingly common. Pet foods are becoming more expensive but canine health seems to be eroding!

Chemical Attack!  Research reveals dogs are under attack by modern chemicals. Canine immune shields, perfectly adapted for the unspoiled wild, are unprepared for modern chemicals. Immune shields fight bravely, but are overwhelmed by a 24/7 onslaught of chemical toxins, foreign substances and man-made compounds.  Your dog’s immune system is designed to shield against these attacks. But compounds in those shields replenish slowly, leaving dogs exposed or under protected.

K9 Power Immune Dog, is designed to support the body's own immune shields two powerful ways:

"Good Guy" probiotics (direct fed microbials) are the first line of defense.  More than one billion good guys help repel bad guys, and aid bowel-intestinal function.

"Master Antioxidant" Glutathione levels are lowered by chemical induced oxidative damage.  Our "thiol donors" help boost the body's own (endogenous) Glutathione levels.

Old Body, New Threats - Canine breeds have evolved through selective breeding, but the eons-old immune-system remains that of the wolf. The canine immune system is adapted to combat physical threats in a long-gone pristine world, long before man-made chemicals. Instead of occasional predators, today's threats are a constant stream of new (and not so new) chemicals. These chemicals once inside, wreak havoc with hormone disruption and lowered immunity.

The "burn rate" of immune system compounds surpasses the body's ability to regenerate these beneficial molecules fast enough. Immunity system compromise or failure; allows opportunistic diseases to take hold. K9 Power Immune Dog helps reverse this process by helping your dog maintain a healthy immune system and stay in the fight.  Give your dog a nutritional boost to support their immune system, allowing their body to better fight and protect itself from allergies, illness, and infection!

We are committed to your dog’s everyday health and wellness! Our IMMUNE DOG,™ formula is one of our many nutritional supplements that provide the following powerful benefits for your pet:

• Protection with nutrition - essential nutrients for proper immune system function
• Antioxidant support for good overall health and wellness.
• Probiotic shield to promote a dog’s natural defense system.