Karoo Angels Ornament: - Gerda - Means Protector

Karoo Angels Ornament: - Gerda - Means Protector

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Meet Gerda, who's name means 'Protector'. 

Gerda is a Medium Karoo Angel, with a white ostrich feather body and one large heart shaped wing adorned with tiny blue and silver beaded twigs.

Coming to us from the Baviaans region of South Africa's beautiful Karoo, these 100% hand-crafted angels are produced by small craft cooperatives located within two remote villages.  Living in an extremely remote part of the country means there is little opportunity for employment, so their involvement with Karoo Angels not only offers a creative outlet, but more importantly, provides a vital source of income for the crafters.  The success of the project has contributed a great deal to improving their lives and that of their communities.

Like all of the Karoo Angels, Gerda's name has been given to her by the crafters, who often name the angels after themselves, family and other members of the community or Karoo Angel team.

Although originally intended as a Christmas Tree decoration, the angels also make beautiful gifts and can have a variety of uses.  We have seen them hung off the rear view mirror in a car, above a baby's crib, gifted or purchased in memory of a lost loved one or simply to add to a collection.

  • Size: approx 16cm
  • Feathers:  white
  • beads:  silver and blue