Karoo Angels Small. Black Feathers

Karoo Angels Small. Black Feathers

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Coming to us from the Baviaans region of South Africa's beautiful Karoo, the hand-crafted angels are produced by small craft cooperatives located within two remote villages.  The angel project is their only form of income and the success of the project has contributed a great deal to improving their lives and that of their communities.

This small angel is approximately 12cm in length, with black a ostrich feather body & wire head.

Although originally intended as a Christmas Tree decoration, the angels also make beautiful gifts and can have a variety of uses.  We have seen them hung off the rear view mirror in a car, above a baby's crib, gifted or purchased in memory of a lost loved one or simply to add to a collection.

All of the angel styles have names, many of which are after the ladies who make them and all of which have a meaning.

Meanings of Names


Janine: Gift from God