The Good Ol' Hockey Game
The Good Ol' Hockey Game

The Good Ol' Hockey Game

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An essential item for bedrooms, playrooms, TV rooms or the mud room. Organize and hang the jerseys or even everyday outfits that your little ones have!

Each of these wooden signs is hand cut, painted or stained. They measure 36”x 5.5” 

Wording color on signs will be as follows:

Dark Stain - White Wording

Medium Stain - White Wording

Grey Stain - White Wording

White Stain - Black Wording

Pink Paint - White Wording

Navy Paint – White Wording

To avoid the hooks breaking during shipping holes are pre drilled and we include the hooks and screws separately so you can quickly screw the into the sign, once you receive the item. Two (2) pieces of picture hanging hardware on the back of each sign along with the 6 hooks.


All boards are hand selected for quality but please do keep in mind that as wood is a natural product the character of every board is different and may have varying imperfections, ie. knots, holes, texture difference.

We have 4 stains to choose from, which will show the character of the wood. While shading may vary slightly from board to board the colors typically are similar to the photos provided but many not be an exact match. Please also keep in mind that screen settings on your phone or computer can have an impact the color you are seeing.

The white stain option is a water-based product not a full coverage paint. Character and color variations in the wood will absolutely show through the stain and these areas will appear darker. Please message us for photo examples prior to ordering, if you wish to see more examples.

If the option to 'paint' item is selected from the drop down, please note that paint emphasizes knots and surface textures. It does not hide or fill these areas.