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Original Pastel Painting on pastelmat 



Reference Photo courtesy of Emmuel Keller.


Back Story:

Lions are my favourite. I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before, many times. It’s a spiritual thing for me. It’s one of the most powerful ways I connect to God. I love the Narnia series, and the imagery throughout the Bible of God as the Lion of Judah. Needless to say I will always be painting them❤️ 

This particular photo grabbed my attention first because of his transfixed gaze, but second because of his expression. As I spent more and more time analyzing his face, I could never figure out just what his expression means. Is he content? Did something just surprise him? Is he feeling playful? Mischievous? Did he just see something funny and out of place? (Do lions have a sense of humour?) ...of course they do, silly Kristen.


The mystery of his expression is what keeps me hooked and gazing into his beautiful face. I’ve landed on curious because I feel like that word best encompasses all the feelings he looks like he could be potentially expressing. Honestly I feel like it changes all time time. I edited the original photo to make the contrast between light and dark much more dramatic and I am in LOVE with those red-hued eyes. 

A note about shipping:

Painting will be shipped in a plexiglass frame strictly for protection during transport. I highly recommend the painting is professionally framed upon being received.