Artisan English Toffee

Artisan English Toffee

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Home Made Crunchy Artisan Toffee coated with Chocolate and Sprinkled with lots of nuts. Made with all natural ingredients.
To ensure freshness and quality of our Toffee it's crafted by hand in small batches. Our toffe is cooked to just the right temperature, then poured over slow roasted nuts, topped with chocolate then sprinkled with more roasted nuts. One bite and you will be hooked.

Each bag contains 200g of toffee 

Some ideas to use our Artisan Toffee:

1: Perfect gift for any occassion 
2: On your serving/charcuterie board.
3: Use it in your baking!
4: Add it to your baking to make your creations more scrumptious
5: Add to your home made trail mix
6: Eat it as is or enjoy our Artisan Toffee with a cup of tea or coffee.