Sauces And Salsas

Sauces And Salsas

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Our Classic home made sauces and salsas are made with locally sourced fresh ingredients. combination of peeled tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and natural herbs and house blend of spices slow simmered to perfection.

Each Sauce comes in 500 ml Jar

Some ideas to use our Artisan Sauces And Salsas:

1: Perfect gift for any occassion 
2: On your serving/charcuterie board.
3: Use it in baking pizza, lazagna or pasta
4: As a marinade to add zing to any kind of meat
5: Keep it on the table with tostito chips as a snack before dinner

If this is a gift and you would like to include any message do not hasitate to email us the details and we will include a hand made card from a local young artist with your message.