Illustrious Invitation

Illustrious Invitation

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Photography prints on metal or paper available for your home, business, office, lobby, spa, hotel or hospice.

Sometimes when we are showing up for work we receive a gift. The phenomenon of the sun setting at the end of this pier in San Diego happens twice a year. I just "happened" to be under the pier, that day, at that time and the sky was clear. 

Amazingly, it was also high tide which is why the colourful painterly relfections are in this piece.

This artwork is printed on metal and ready to hang on the wall. There is no additional cost of framing.

Production time for metal orders is typically four to six weeks. Please be aware that Covid may shut down production for a few weeks. Production will resume ASAP.

Shipping is included with our metal work. We are unable to ship to P.O. boxes. Once you place an order we will contact you for your shipping information.

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