Fermentation Kit and Sauerkraut Gift Pack

Fermentation Kit and Sauerkraut Gift Pack

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Give the Gift of handmade kraut and Pickles for any food lover.

Included is a half gallon fermentation kit with a handmade clay weight that is good for any type of sauerkraut or fermented vegetable pickles. A pickle starter is also included which will make 2 batches, as well as our most loved Dill Pickle sauerkraut. 
Made with cucumbers, lots of dill, extra garlic and salt. It tastes just like a dill pickle and is our most popular kraut we have ever made. 
Keep sauerkraut Refrigerated.

Handmade in Strathmore Alberta. All items are Gluten free and Vegan.

Packaging includes: 1 Half Fermentation Kit, 1 Dill Pickle Sauerkraut, 1 Pickle starter

Dill Pickle Kraut Ingredients: Cabbage, H20, Cucumber, Dill, Garlic Clove, Himalayan Sea Salt, Celtic Salt, Spices

Pickle starter Ingredients: Sea salt, Dill Weed, Black Tea. 

Item will be hand delivered on December 19 or can be picked up by our Strathmore location.