Steer/Wildebeest Skull - Wall Art - BlocArt - Upcycled Wood

Steer/Wildebeest Skull - Wall Art - BlocArt - Upcycled Wood

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Handmade in Cape Town South Africa of re-purposed wood sourced from building sites and recycling depots.  The wood is collected, cleaned, painted and then hand cut into pieces and re-assembled into little works of art.  As they are not working with new materials and the process is all by hand, every piece is unique and brings with it a little bit of history through the life stories of the wood gathered together to create something new.

Size: 28x23x3cm

Being hand made items of natural and re-purposed materials, marks and flaws in the wood are what makes the pieces so special, as each piece of wood has a story.  It is not uncommon for the material to bend slightly or change as it ages, develops and adjusts to its new environment. Each pieces has a wood backing, so changes are small, but they do occur.