Woven Boxes, Set of 3 Tall, White Wash

Woven Boxes, Set of 3 Tall, White Wash

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This beautiful collection of baskets with lids are all hand woven with natural bamboo and painted white wash. These ceremonial baskets are called 'canang sari' in Balinese and are used to contain rice and flowers during daily religious offerings. They are a special addition to any home and represent a unique ritual of gratitude and giving back. Featuring a small, medium, and large, the set of three can nest inside one another.  A beautiful way to apply storage to your home or as gift boxes for wedding and baby showers.

Given the natural origin of the materials and the hand crafting process, there can be slight differences in texture, colour, size, and shape, rendering each piece unique.

S-  8"h x 6.5"w

M- 9"h x 8"w

L- 10"h x 9.5"w