Artisan Dark Chocolate Bars
Artisan Dark Chocolate Bars

Artisan Dark Chocolate Bars

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 Artisan Dark Chocolate Bars are hand crafted to order by Chocolatier Adila who won several international awards. These bars are combined with unique and creative flavours and packed in elegand boxes. 

Whether you are looking for something simple as our Almond Chocolate Bar or some thing exotic like Smore's and Orange Balsamic Bar, we have something to please every taste buds.

All Bars are 100 Grams in weight

Some ideas to use our Artisan Chocolate Bar:

1: Perfect gift for any occassion 
2: On your serving/charcuterie board.
3: Use it in baking.
4: Make chocolate drinks or add on in your coffee or tea
5: Eat it as is and enjoy the true flavour of artisan chocolate

If this is a gift and you would like to include any message do not hasitate to email us the details and we will include a hand made card from a local young artist with your message.