Flying Great Horned Owl
Flying Great Horned Owl
Flying Great Horned Owl
Flying Great Horned Owl

Flying Great Horned Owl

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12” x 15.5” pastel on pastelmat 

ORIGINAL painting


Reference photo cred goes to: Ondrej Prosicky with @shutterstock photos.


Back Story:

This is the first animal I’ve done in a while that’s native to Canada. As per usual I’m about to lay down some interesting facts strictly for your learning pleasure, so get excited🤣


Those eyes that burn bright like fire arrested my attention when I first saw this photo and I knew I had to paint him❤️ I’ve done owls before in acrylic and watercolour but this is my first owl portrait in pastel. Each portrait I do is a steep learning curve- and this one was no different. I found the owl feathers quite challenging and frustrating but I refused to give up. So many layers of colour and fine detail produced something I’m quite proud of😍


As you likely know, owls are nocturnal but did you know that these owls- despite their incredible eyesight, CANNOT see at night? They rely on their hearing to catch their nighttime meal🤓 Imagine having eyes as powerful as binoculars- and not using them to survive!!?!

I also was delighted to find out these birds mate for life, and are extremely protective of their young, (so if you see one out on your walk in the woods don’t get too close)🙃


A note about shipping:

Painting will be shipped in a plexiglass frame strictly for protection during transport. I highly recommend the painting is professionally framed upon being received.