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12” x 15.5” ORIGINAL pastel painting on pastelmat


People who know me, know I LOVE lions. I love pretty much all animals, but lions have a special place in my heart. So I have been MOST excited to tackle this painting for a long time😊

I was drawn to the picture for two reasons- first the expression on his face. He is not bothered or threatened by the people who came in this car into his territory. His face communicates that he rules over everyone and everything. There is a peace and a knowing about his expression. He is King in every sense of the word.

Second, I was drawn to the message this picture communicates- the lion sitting on the car as if sitting on a throne. (Additional symbolism in the royal blue colour of the car). Not just king of the jungle he sits on this car as if to remind people he’s the top. Put any person on earth beside this guy and answer this- who is the mightiest?

May we never forget our place in the world. Respect, honour and awe of creatures like this. How amazing we get to share the planet with the likes of him?!

Photo credit goes to Linda Merchant with @wildlifereferencephotos 🙏🏻

A note about shipping:

Painting will be shipped in a plexiglass frame strictly for protection during transport. It is highly recommended that upon receiving the painting, you get it professionally framed to your specific taste and style.