Ceasar Gift Pack

Ceasar Gift Pack

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For the mixologist at heart. Craft a unique ceasar using our fermented gut shot and Kim Chi sea salt blend as the rimmer! Simply add some gut shot to the Ceasar mix and rim your glass. 

Handmade in Strathmore Alberta. Fermented the old fashioned way with Canadian grown cabbage and sea salt.  

Packaging includes: 1 Assorted Fermented Gut Shot, 1 Spicy Kim Chi and Sea Salt Blend, 1 Walter's Ceasar Drink Mix wrapped in Celophane, Recipe Card

Kim Chi Salt Ingredients: Cabbage, H20, Tomato, Ancho Chile, Radish, Onion, Himalayan Sea Salt, Dulse, Garlic Clove, Celtic Salt

Sriracha Gut Shot Ingredients: Cabbage, H20, Apple, Bell Pepper, Chili Flakes, Apple Cider Vinegar, Himalayan Sea Salt, Garlic Clove, Celtic Salt

Item will be hand delivered on December 19 or can be picked up by our Strathmore location.