Espro P1 Travel French Press

Espro P1 Travel French Press

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The Espro P1 Travel French Press is literally the top of the line in coffee products - so smartly designed and outstanding quality. Plus, it's a Vancouver company.  Global patents? You bet. 

The P1 is beautiful, slick, incredibly comfortable to hold, pleasingly minimalist, and well designed.  It features a double seal, double-walled stainless steel and micron filter in the french press. The filter is designed so that your coffee will shine.

Any coffee enthusiast has this on their christmas list, trust us. 

Watch out though, these are designed to make tea as well, so make sure nobody else in the family gets to it ;) 

Our favourite feature is that these DO NOT leak and you can throw them into your bags upside down no problem.  These are truly designed to go from kitchen table, to car, to mountain top ... perfect for camping!