Crate Bed - Grey Canadian Maple

Crate Bed - Grey Canadian Maple

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Our mats are made with a warm fleece side and a cool quilted nylon side, making the beds dual season. They are filled with 22 ounces of polyester sheet batting that is stitched into place. This minimizes stuffing migration and allows the beds to be completely machine washer and dryer friendly, with no shrinkage.  We use industrial 40 weight polyester thread in all of our products giving them maximum durability and longevity.

Care: Crate Beds wash very well in a front loading washing machine. If using a top loading washer, please use caution when washing the larger sizes of beds. We recommend folding the bed lengthwise like a hot dog bun fleece side out. Then position bed around middle agitator evenly with the corners facing up. This helps keep the stiff corners of the crate bed from coming in contact with the base of the agitator and getting caught while washing.

Please Note: The product shown in the photo measures 20” x 32”. A smaller bed will have less of the fabric design showing, a larger bed will have more.