Donut Bed - Blue & Brown Plaid

Donut Bed - Blue & Brown Plaid

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Donut Beds are cozy nests for your pets to curl up in! These beds are a combination of two pieces :


  • The outer rim is sturdy and provides structure. The outside is made of black quilted nylon, the inside is colorful warm fleece.
  • The matching pillow insert provides ample cushion for your pets to cozy up on.


Sizing Tips:

Small and medium Donut Beds have rims that can be raised and lowered to accommodate smaller animals.

·         Small Donut Beds (18”) are best suited for dogs or cats that are under 10 lbs.

·         Medium Donut Beds (24”) are best suited for 10 to 20 lbs cats or dogs.

·         Large Donut Beds (30”) are best suited for 20 to 55 lbs dogs.

·         Extra Large Donut Beds (36”) are best suited for 50 to 100 lbs dogs.


Is your dog a sprawler? To accommodate this sleeping habit, go one size up.

Please Note: Donut Beds wash very well in a front loading washing machine. For larger sized beds, wash the rim and pillow in separate loads in your front loader washer. If using a top loading washer please use caution when washing the larger sizes of beds.

Helpful Hint: When washing large/extra large Donut Beds in a top loading washing machine, evenly place the rim of the bed around the middle agitator in a separate load from the pillow.