Silver Twist Safety Razor
Silver Twist Safety Razor

Silver Twist Safety Razor

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Features :

Butterfly Mechanism

3" Handle


Our silver safety razor is a classic design with a butterfly mechanism razor head. The 3" long and 12mm diameter handle allows for a close and controlled shave. The razor is also quite easy to clean and the butterfly twist mechanism makes blade replacement a breeze. Not only do safety razors provide a great close shave ( coupled with the Feather Japanese made blades ) but are also way more economical than disposable razors. Multi-blade razors are becoming a thing of the past as we discover how harsh they can be on the skin (especially sensitive skin) causing razor burn, in-grown hairs, razor bumps and leaving your skin dryer than they should after taking off way more than they should. They also don't cause excess plastic waste leaving not only your skin happy but also the environment. We believe it's time to switch to a better more economical and environmentally friendly shave.